New home of the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory

From the onset of July 2013 on, extended Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory operates in a new location. Decision on the extension was induced by getting by the Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity of grant to purchase a new AMS 14C spectrometer. In this issue  Foundation of the A. Mickiewicz University decided to construct a new building, allowing for installation of the new spectrometer and for extenstion of the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory. The new home is situated next to the building, where our lab has operated for 11 years.

In the new home, Radiocarbon Laboratory is equipped with lines for parallel preparation of 30 samples (in the former home, there were 20 such lines).
The new hall with vacuum lines…
…is directly adjacent to the spectrometer’s room…
… and next we have a large room for chemical preparation of samples.

Ultimately, our lab will posses lines for parallel preparation of 40 samples. This will allow us to increase our throughput and in future, should distinctly shorten our turnover time.

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