About 14C Dating Unit

14C Dating Unit

The 14C dating unit in Poznań consists of the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory (PRL) and the AMS Laboratory (LAMS). The natural sample are acquired by the PRL, transformed into a form of graphite and forwarded for 14C AMS measurement in LAMS. The results of the AMS measurement come back to PRL which calculates 14C ages and reports them to the customer. Both laboratories (PLR and LAMS) are housed at the same floor and leaded by the same person, so the communication between them is extremely fast and effective.

Organisation of the dating unit is an effect of cooperation of the Adam Mickiewicz University, and the Foundation of the A. Mickiewicz University. The unit is housed in the area of the Poznań Park of Science and Technology.

14C method is the standard method of dating archaeological objects and geological formations younger than ca. 50 thousand years. These 14C datings are demanded by researchers dealing with archaeology, art history, geology, geomorphology, palaeoclimatology, palaeobotany etc. 14C measurements are also applied in biochemistry and food industry. Due to multidisciplinary applications, 14C laboratories are usually open to cooperate with wide community.