In summer 2004, we extended our sample preparation lines. This expansion significantly increased our throughput and reduced our turnover time.

Due to a large demand for 14C dating in our laboratory, we extended our lines for sample preparation. In detail, our vacuum lines for production of CO2 and graphitisation have been doubled.

Decision on extension was made in February 2004, the new lines were assembled in May-June, commissioned in July-August, and have been in routine use since the beginning of September 2004.

The extension significantly increased our throughput.

At both pictures: the 3-yr old (left side of pictures) and the new (right-hand side) vacuum lines for graphitisation. At the background of the right picture, the lines (left-old and right-new) for sample combustion are visible.

The new lines were assembled in an express time of six weeks.

The pictures show the graphitisation line in 15th May, 30th May and 15th June 2004.
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