European projects

  Our center participates in three European projects:

Integrated Project: MILLENNIUM „European climate of the last millennium”

Integrated Project: ECOCHANGE “Challenges in assessing and forecasting biodiversity and ecosystem changes in Europe”

RTN NICE: „Network for Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution”
The official partner in these projects is the Adam Mickiewicz University, and the tasks of the projects are realized by 14C AMS Laboratory.
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Our birth

AMS 14C dating in Poznań started in mid-February 2002. Since that time, the number of samples dated per month was gradually increasing. Besides, we were continuously monitoring the  quality of our dating.

… just after passing acceptance tests…

At the right side: Dr. Thilo Hauser (NEC) who leaded the installation. At the left: Dr. Mariusz Sidowski, who helped during the installation.

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Failures of the accelerator


Wear on the pelletron chain and the chain drive wheels
Worn working surface of the chain drive wheel (after 14000 hours of work)
Fragment of the worn chain


Failure of the pump in the accelerator tank
Rotor of the turbomolecular pump totally crashed on 14.06.2009 (after 7.5 yr of continuous work)
Parts of the rotor in the mini exhibition on spectacular failures of the components of our AMS spectrometer.


It was only a fan…
…it costed 50 PLN and several days of work.
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